It can be challenging finding the right gym and personal trainer for you, here’s some of my clients’ testimonials, and how they have found working with me:

“Alex is by far one of the best personal trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. She is so positive in her approach & style. Very knowledgable & extremely talented. She has helped me regain confidence in my fitness levels & pushed me really hard at every stage. The depth of detail she can advise on in relation to health/ fitness & nutrition is outstanding. She gives you one on one time with a 100% commitment & effort. I cannot fault the approach & professionalism she offers. A truly personal & inspirational service.”

Noreen Latif, PR Manager

“Since the first session Alex has inspired me to achieve things I didn’t think possible of my takeaway abused body. I used to run a mile in 12 minutes, now I run it in 9 minutes as a warm up.

Alex has also helped me develop the strength and technique needed to deadlift more than my body weight; which is now 2 stone less thanks to my personalised diet plan.

I would recommend Valentine to anyone that wants to find out what they are really capable of.”

Kirsty Powers, International Shipping Consultant

“My weight has gone up and down quite a bit over the years. Although I enjoy exercise classes I was very self conscious about it and not at all confident so one on one training was quite a big step for me. After finally plucking up the courage I knew straight away that Alex would be able to help me, she is kind, encouraging and very motivating. Every session is different and tailored to me and I can feel the difference already. So if you want to get good diet advice, change your shape and have fun doing it, then Alex is the trainer for you!”

Arianne Merry, Radio Executive

“Alex is incredibly knowledgeable around a wide range of fitness / nutrition related topics. She definitely walks the walk and talks the talk. After spending many years at the gym on my own doing the same boring routine and getting the same results, it’s been fabulous mixing things up, learning new techniques and being motivated to push myself. Alex constantly makes you sweat (and swear) but it’s worth it. I came to her wanting results, and I’ve gotten them in a really short amount of time. Alex is very passionate about getting women into weightlifting. As a person with a physical disability, I never thought this was an option. Alex helped me become more adaptive and gave me the confidence step into the weightlifting room on my own – something that is priceless for me.

If you want to train smart and have fun in the process… Alex is your girl!”

Joanna Colado, 27, Paralypmpic Athlete

“Over the past couple of years I’ve gained weight and lack motivation and feel self conscious, took a lot for me to even have a consultation with Alex but she is reassuring, kind and professional. If you want tailor made workouts, dietary advice and an injection of motivation Alex is the one for you! She has devised several programmes made specifically for my needs both cardio and weights. Alex is a massive motivator in my training and a pleasure to train with”.

Kirsty Ackland, Nurse, 34

“I decided to do Alex’s ‘Learn to Lift’ programme to get the knowledge I needed to lift weights confidently, but I got that and so much more. Alex was genuinely enthusiastic about my progress and pushed me in a way that was challenging but really, really fun. I achieved more than I imagined I would in six weeks and I can’t wait to book another session with Alex to take my lifts to the next level”.

Shelley O’Neill, Copywriter

“Alex was really great at explaining form and technique. She made me feel at ease straight away and really pushed me to do the best I can. Will definitely be back to do some more sessions with her”.

Megan Gurney, Biochemist

“I put on 10lbs of muscle after six weeks training with Alex. I had to buy bigger t-shirts for my arms!”

Damian, 34