SmallLogo RTKWhether you’re working your way through minimum skills, or you’re preparing for an international tournament, coordinating your team training with what you’re doing in the gym is essential to taking your game to the next level! There is so much conflicting information out there: should I do more weights? Or cardio? How much high intensity training should I do? How much rest do I need? What do I eat and when??

I know, confusing right? Well not any more! Welcome to Alex Valentine’s brand new off skates training program, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

What is “Release The Kraken”?

This is an online roller derby specific training program that will map out and guide you through your gym training, without impacting your on skates work. Using the latest mobile technology, you can download the Alex Valentine Personal Training app to your iPhone or Android device, and access your work outs and training schedule right from your mobile phone in the gym. No need for printing out bits of paper and looking for a pen to write down your training! Simply log on to the app, select your work out routine designed by me, and track it. It’s that simple!  Just let me know what level you’re at in fitness and roller derby, when your games or tournaments are, and you’ll get tailored monthly workouts straight to your phone. No need to worry about what training to do and when, I’ll take care of that for you! And you can add on nutrition support if you need help with your diet to fuel your goals. You can also link up the app to My Fitness Pal to track your macronutrients and calorie intake to ensure your feeding your training. All for a low monthly fee.

How will it help me get better at Roller Derby?

It’s been well noted that “crosstraining” (doing off skates training) as well as putting in the time on skates can greatly improve and speed up your progress on the track. Just look at the likes of Loren Mutch, Curly Haar, Jambi, and Satan’s Little Helper (to name a few!) They all have solid off skates training routines, which helps them achieve success on the track. Improved core strength, flexibility, ligament and tendon density, and cardiovascular fitness, are all benefits of off-skates training, and reduces the chance of injury. By improving these things off the track, you will improve your skills on the track!

Why should I hand over my money??

Roller Derby is still a pretty new sport in the grand scheme of things, and the sports science people still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to programming roller derby specific training. However, being a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, as well as a roller derby athlete for the past five years, I have first hand knowledge and experience of what training works (and doesn’t work!), for which people and for when, depending on where you are in your season. I know these things because I do a lot of research into training techniques, and I have tried and tested them on myself, so you don’t have to! A lot of people are of the mindset “more is better”, or “if you aren’t collapsing at the end of the workout, it’s not a real workout!”, which is ok every now and again I guess. But in the long run, you need to look after your body, maximise your strength, speed and cardio gains, and stay injury free. Work smarter is my motto, and that’s exactly what Release The Kraken is here to help you do.

So, how much is it?

Get your own personalised off skates training program geared towards your personal goals, with guidance from me every month for just £50. You can also include nutritional guidance and support for an additional £10. Bargain!  Message me on Facebook or email me at for more information, or click the link below to purchase now and start your journey to roller derby domination!