At Alex Valentine Personal Training, Manchester, I provide you with the highest quality bespoke training and lifestyle planning, at affordable prices. There are a range of options, from one-off sessions or bootcamps, to block bookings of personal training. Have a look and see what package suits you, and if you need any more information, feel free to Contact Us.

Personal Training Sessions

barbell and KB

The absolute ultimate you can do for your body and your health! Personal Training sessions give you the one to one training experience, allowing for a completely bespoke fitness package, tailored to suit your body and fitness goals. I will help you master the correct techniques for the best (and safest) results, and guide you with your nutrition to really get you and your body on the right health and fitness path.

I offer a variety of training packages to suit all budgets and time constraints. These packages include your one to one training sessions with me, your bespoke nutrition plan to fuel your weight loss or muscle gain goals, tracking of your physical progress with before and after measurements and weekly weigh ins, and a “homework” training plan that will boost your fitness and increase your speed towards reaching your goals.

Gold Package – 1 x One to One PT session a week, homework training plan and nutrition guide, one to one support from me

Platinum Package – 2 x One to One PT sessions a week, homework training plan and nutrition guide, one to one support from me

Diamond Package – 3 x One to One PT sessions a week, homework training plans and nutrition guide, one to one support from me, FREE AVPT t-shirt

Drop me an email to for more information on time slots available and pricing. PT sessions last approximately one hour, but 30 minute sessions may be available on request.

Pre and Post Natal Body Strengthening and Reshaping

Most mums and mums to be want to stay strong for themselves and their baby, and pregnancy can be very physically demanding. There is so much information on the internet about the dos and don’ts in the gym during and after pregnancy, and it can be confusing to figure out what is best!  As a fully qualified Pre and Post Natal Program designer, let me use my knowledge to help and support you to stay in shape during and after your pregnancy. I will always treat you with sensitivity and be considerate of your changing needs as you move through your trimesters and into the post natal phase and possibly breast feeding.

Contact me now for a free consultation of your needs, for a gym or home based exercise plan. Pricing is as above for Personal Training sessions and block bookings.

Olympic Lifting Tutorials

Oly floor colourful

Do you need to be faster, more powerful and explosive in your movements, but not sure how? Needing the edge in your sport, or want to get stronger? Or want to refine your cleans, jerks or snatch technique with expert coaching? I have been practising, learning and coaching Olympic Lifting for several years to athletes and weekend warriors alike, and will use the latest technology and cutting edge technique refining to help you reach your lifting potential.

£40 per one hour coaching session.

“Learn to Lift” course


Ever wanted to start to lift weights and really know your way around the weights room, but were to afraid to ask? Don’t worry, help is at hand! I run a Learn to Lift program to take you from a gym novice to a gym pro in just six weeks! Learn the big four power moves and how to perform the squat, deadlift, bench and pull up movements safely and effectively. Course runs for six weeks and includes one session a week, where I will coach you, give you a homework supplement program to boost your training, and track your progress. Cost = £190.

Personalised Training Programs

Everyone who trains is different, whether they’re try to slim down or bulk up. That’s why it’s important to have a qualified professional assess your needs and training goals, and create a personalised plan tailored to you. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, are new to the gym, or are just bored of your current routine and want to spice it up, I am here to help you. Face to face consultation, monthly plan and personal training session to take you though the plan: £50

“Mates Rates” Personal Training

You and a friend can experience the benefits of Personal Training at a value for money flat-rate. Initial consultation for you and your friend or partner together is free, and an hour of personal training for you both for the affordable price of £40 an hour. Block bookings discount available, 10+ sessions charged at £35 per hour.

DerbyFit UK


As a player for Team England Roller Derby and Jammer for Rainy City Roller Derby Allstars, I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience playing and coaching roller derby, and the skills that go with it. We are now ranked as one of the top three teams in Europe, and are currently ranked in the WFTDA top 20. If you and your team would like to benefit from my expertise, please contact me via my Facebook page or email for a quote. Prices from £50 per hour.