Do you want to be a better roller derby player? It’s probably been a long season for you: tournaments, games, Champs, maybe even Playoffs? With lots of hours on skates, in the gym, team meetings, injuries…it all adds up and takes it’s toll on your body, and your mind! It can be easy to fall into the mindset of more is better and that you just need to train harder. I mean, we could all train a bit harder sometimes! But what if you’re not training the right moves at the right time?

In pretty much every professional sport, it is well researched and documented that the most successful athletes have a structured training and recovery program for their “off season”. Off season is a time of the year, (usually between one and three months) around November and December for Roller Derby, when athletes do less games and tournaments, and more work in the gym. This helps players develop the muscle, strength and stamina needed to get the edge over their competition, and really dominate when it comes to game time!

Here’s the thing. In terms of sports training development, roller derby is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. This means there’s not much out there for us to understand how best to train our bodies to perform at our peak for games and tournaments. However, with lots of reading, studying, practical application and down right trial and error, I have figured out the best things to do to help you be the strongest, fastest and fittest version of yourself at the right time. This kind of research can take years…. which is why I’ve done it for you!

With nearly seven years of experience as a trainer, sports coach and Jammer for Team England and Rainy City Roller Derby, I have compiled a bullet-proof gym based training program to help you make the most of your off season! Simply select whether you would like one, two, or three months of training. I will then contact you to find out whether you are a jammer or blocker, what level of gym experience you have (beginner, some experience, or experienced), and I will send you a link to download the AVPT training app directly to your phone. You can then access your training plan, and schedule your workouts around your on skates training so there’s no need to worry about clashing or over training! There’s also a nutrition guide included to help you fuel your training for maximum impact.

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