As 2022 dawns on us, (and we’ve still not recovered from 2021), a lot of people are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, and making that “self-improvement” journey. I’m all for it, especially from a “healthy body, healthy mind” angle. Fitness for me has become more about keeping my mental strength up as well as getting a good squat PB!

It can be daunting to make changes to our lifestyles. There are so many social media influencers out there telling us how to look, how to act, what to wear, how to just…be. It can be confusing to even figure out what WE want, and what is best for US.

And when we do decide to make a change, there is so much information about what we SHOULD do, and HOW we should do it. That’s then followed by a million articles about how we can f*ck it up and why we’re doing it wrong. It’s terrifying!

My advice is simple – keep it simple! Any change needs to be small, and manageable. You can’t go far wrong by taking some pieces of fruit to work, drinking more water, and getting out for a walk once a day. Big changes don’t happen overnight (no matter what the Herbalife rep on Facebook says).

Big changes are small things, done well, and done consistently. In a year’s time, someone who goes to the gym once a week and skips a take away on the weekend, is going to make loads more progress than someone who does the 5 – 2 diet and runs a 5K every day….for 2 weeks.

Make it manageable, keep it simple, and be consistent. And remember, this is about YOU, and what makes you happy!

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