January is by far the crappiest month. All the hype of Christmas is over, it’s back to work, but the bank balance isn’t looking amazing, and neither is the one on the scales. And then there’s all these adverts bombarding people with new magazines and hobbies they can take up (first issue only 99p you know….), how to find a new love interest, and how to lose weight. “New Year, new you!” they all say, and bang on about New Year’s resolutions, how to fight the flab and bust the bulge….it’s enough to make anyone feel like they should be in the gym every night after work.


We’re constantly under the influence of adverts, marketing, and especially social media, all of them telling us how we should act, think and look. It kind of leaves people with an overwhelming sense of not being good enough, not being fit enough, not matching up to how Calvin Klein or Kim Kardashian says we should be.  Well you know what? I don’t think Calvin or Kim have to hold down full time jobs, and they have personal assistants to help them and cleaners to sort out their laundry! I don’t think I’m on my own when I say trying to fit everything in is a struggle.

 kim butt of joke

You’re probably reading this and wondering why I’m going on about society’s problems, when I’m all about getting people fit? While the latter is true, I’m a big believer that getting yourself fitter and healthier should be part of a grander plan, and training in the gym should be done because you have time to do it, not because you feel you have to do it. Most people have the intention of getting fitter/losing weight/getting ripped, but a lot find it difficult to stick to. Why? Because feeling like you have to do something automatically makes it into a chore. Combine that with social pressures, and it’s a recipe for disaster. If you equate training at the gym in the same category as doing the washing up or hoovering, you’re never going to do it!

Except this guy. He loves to hoover.

Here’s a tip: next time you train, make it all about you. It takes a little preparation, but it’s worth it. Download some new music, buy a new CD, that new book you’ve been dying to read but never find the time? Buy it as an audiobook for your MP3 player and pop it in your gym bag. Make sure you have something great to listen to as you lift. Next, leave your phone in your locker! This is your time to sculpt out the body of your dreams, you don’t need any interruptions from work emails or Facebook. This next one takes some practice, but it definitely pays off: try and forget about the people around you. I know, easier said than done! But with your new awesome audio enjoyment on hand, it will be a little easier. People’s biggest fear in the gym is “looking silly”, or people thinking that they don’t know what they’re doing (I know this because I hear it 100 times a day working in the gym!) so rest assured, you are not alone in this fear. But remember, 99% of people in the gym are completely engrossed in their own workouts, so don’t worry about people’s judgment. And lastly, don’t be afraid to try something new or ask for help. The gym staff are there to help you! If you’ve always wanted to try the assisted pull up machine – grab a staff member and get them to show you. If you’re not sure you’re squatting right, ask for a spot. Everyone has the right to enjoy the gym and feel comfortable training there.


If you make your training about your enjoyment and reaching your goals, you’re a heck of a lot more likely to develop a healthy gym routine….and a healthy body. And as always if you’d like any help in the gym or more information, just drop me a line at alexvalentinept@mail.com.

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Happy New Year! 🙂