Welcome to an all new training experience!

Hi, and welcome to Alex Valentine Personal Training. You might already be a gym goer, or this could be your first time looking into increasing your fitness. Either way, we do things differently here!

Here at Alex Valentine Personal Training, my focus is you. What are your goals? How do you want to look, or feel? What is standing in your way? Whatever those goals are, I can help you work towards them, and whatever the obstacles are, we can work through them! Any journey, no matter how large or small, begins with a single step, and it can be intimidating going it alone. With one to one training tailored just for you, and a fully holistic approach to ensure you are supported 24/7, we can reach your goals together!

Here at AVPT, getting fitter, leaner, and stronger isn’t just about the way you look; it’s about the way you feel.

At AVPT, whatever your goal is, I’m here to help you get there!

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